Ciclo: 36
Curriculum/Indirizzo: Epistemologico
Sede: UPO
Convenzione: CSP

Tutor: Meini Cristina
Supervisor: Piazza Tommaso


Progetto: Institutional Knowledge. A Solution to the Skeptical Challenge Towards Virtue Epistemology

- Main interests: speech acts; semantics; philosophy of norms; epistemic norms 

- Research Goal: Develop an explanatory theory of normativity based on coordination equilibria. I believe this general approach can explain our fundamental intuitions about epistemic justification and illocutionary force 

- Education: 

2018-2020: Master of Arts in Philosophy, University of Pavia. Final thesis "Constitutive Norms of Assertion. An Alternative to Williamson's Proposal",110/110 cum Laude. Supervised by prof. Tommaso Piazza, prof. Luca Fonnesu. 

2018-2020: Master of Arts in Humanities, IUSS (School of Advanced Studies), Pavia. Final thesis "Can Abstraction Expand our Knowledge? Assessing the Epistemology of Analysis from Kant to Wright",Valuation: Excellent. supervised by prof. Andrea Sereni. 

2015-2018: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University of Pavia. Final thesis "Vizi e virtù intellettuali. Prospettive tra epistemologia e morale", 110/110 cum Laude. Supervised by prof. Tommaso Piazza, prof. Luca Fonnesu 

2017-2018: Erasmus study, University of Warwick (UK)

- Grants and Scholarships 

2018-2020: IUSS (School of Advanced Studies, Pavia) Scholarship. Awarded yearly to a selected number of students at the University of Pavia, under condition of passing additional exams with a 28/30 GPA. 

2015-2020: Fondazione Enea Mattei (Morbegno) Scholarship. The private foundation pays Ghislieri college (Pavia) full-fees to students who satisfy the requirements of 27/30 GPA, all exams grades above 24/30, all exams passed before the ending of the academic year.

2017-2018: Erasmus study (research) grant: EU funded research at the University of Warwick (UK) with the purpose of research for the BA thesis.