Ciclo: 36
Curriculum/Indirizzo: Epistemologico
Sede: UPO
Convenzione: CSP

Tutor: Meini Cristina
Supervisor: Piazza Tommaso


Progetto: A Theory of Illocutionary Force based on Coordination Equilibria

- Areas of Competence: epistemology; philosophy of language; value theory 

-Areas of Expertise: linguistic pragmatics; epistemic norms; philosophy of norms 

- Research Goal: My central goal is to explain the nature assertion and other illocutionary acts with reference to the normative expectations they legitimize. My project spreads in two directions: the up-stream part deals with how in general entitlement to social expectations can be explained using game-theory; the down-stream part deals on how this theory of illocutionary force bears on our understanding of the epistemic norms of assertion, the normativity of belief and ultimately the meaning of sentences. Thus, my project is aimed at providing a general theory of norms and then focus on the application of this theory to the topic of speech-acts. 


October 2021-June 2022: Visiting Pre-Doctoral Fellow at Northwestern University (IL, USA). Principal Investigator: Sanford Goldberg. 

February 2022: Commentator (APA Central Meeting) on Yarran Hominh "Hermenutical Knowledge and Social Injustice"

- Education: 

2018-2020: Master of Arts in Philosophy, University of Pavia. Final thesis "Constitutive Norms of Assertion. An Alternative to Williamson's Proposal",110/110 cum Laude. Supervised by prof. Tommaso Piazza, prof. Luca Fonnesu. 

2018-2020: Master of Arts in Humanities, IUSS (School of Advanced Studies), Pavia. Final thesis "Can Abstraction Expand our Knowledge? Assessing the Epistemology of Analysis from Kant to Wright",Valuation: Excellent. supervised by prof. Andrea Sereni. 

2015-2018: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University of Pavia. Final thesis "Vizi e virtù intellettuali. Prospettive tra epistemologia e morale", 110/110 cum Laude. Supervised by prof. Tommaso Piazza, prof. Luca Fonnesu 

2017-2018: Erasmus study, University of Warwick (UK)

- Grants and Scholarships 

2021-2022- Fondazione Enea Mattei Scholarship. Scholarship for post-graduate students, financing my period as a visiting student in the US. 

2018-2020: IUSS (School of Advanced Studies, Pavia) Scholarship. Awarded yearly to a selected number of students at the University of Pavia, under condition of passing additional exams with a 28/30 GPA. 

2015-2020: Fondazione Enea Mattei (Morbegno) Scholarship. The private foundation pays Ghislieri college (Pavia) full-fees to students who satisfy the requirements of 27/30 GPA, all exams grades above 24/30, all exams passed before the ending of the academic year.

2017-2018: Erasmus study (research) grant: EU funded research at the University of Warwick (UK) with the purpose of research for the BA thesis.