PhD Students belonging to the 29th to 32nd Cycles will undergo their final examinations in accordance with the rules of Turin  University.
PhD Students belonging to the 33rd to 35th Cycles will undergo their final examinations in accordance with the rules of Genoa  University

Some basic information follows.

(1) PhD Students are required to submit to the Board a written account of their PhD activities during the final year of the Doctorate and submit the final version of the dissertation to his or her supervisor.

(2) The PhD Steering Committee evaluates each submission and decides on admittance to the final examination.

(3) If the PhD student is admitted to the final examination the Committee chooses 2 referees (external to the Board and currently teachers in other Universities) and establishes a deadline for submission of the final version of the thesis to the referees. At the same time, the examining board of three professors is named. The examining board may include one or both of the above-mentioned referees.

(4)¬†The Referees will evaluate the dissertation ‚Äď ideally within a month of receipt of the thesis, filling in a simple¬†¬†REVIEWER FORM.¬†In their evaluation, referees may either (a) admit the dissertation as it is (or with minor revisions) to a public defence or (b) ask for major revisions to be completed within a period of no more than 6 months. In the latter case, upon resubmission the referees have one month to review the corrections and to submit their final report. Every dissertation is admitted to the public defence at this stage.

(5) Within 30 days of receiving the referees’ final reports, the University officially nominates the examination board whose members receive an official invitation. The public defence of the dissertation is held, with the participation of the examining board, within 3 months of its official nomination.