18 PhD positions in Philosophy

(16 Scholarships)

FINO Consortium


The Northwestern Italian Philosophy Consortium (FINO) is now accepting applications for the academic year 2022/2023.

Available PhD positions: 18 (16 scholarships).
15 open positions (13 scholarships) + 3 project-based scholarships (1 on “The Impact of AI on Ethics” and 2 on “Philosophy in Practice: Digital Revolution and Libraries”)

The final ranking is now available: FINAL RANKING

Selection Committee

Each year there is a call for PhD positions (with at least 12 scholarships )
[2021-Call and Annex]2020-Call 2020 and Annex][2019-Application closed .pdf and Annex_FINO] [2018 Application closed]  [2017 Application closed ]
[Bando 2021][Bando 2020 e allegato A ] [2018 Bando chiuso]  [2017 Bando chiuso ] [CLOE Closed]