The Steering Committee (Giunta di dottorato) is the site where, Coordinated by the Head of the Doctorate, decisions on current problems are taken (when to activate the new cycle, who is going to be accepted for final examination, when to begin the shared teaching activity… and so on).

The Steering Committee changes normally every three years and, at the moment (2020-2023) is composed by:

  1. Cristina Amoretti
  2. Maurizio Balistreri
  3. Enrico Biale
  4. Francesco Camera
  5. Vincenzo Crupi
  6. Luca Fonnesu
  7. Anna Elisabetta Galeotti  (Coordinator)
  8. Simona Langella
  9. Graziano Lingua (Theoretical curriculum -Coordinator)
  10. Cristina Meini
  11. Gianluca Mori
  12. Valeria Ottonelli (Ethics and Politics curriculum – Coordinator)
  13. Tommaso Piazza (Epistemology curriculum – Coordinator)
  14. Iolanda Poma
  15. Paola Rumore  (History Curriculum РCoordinator)
  16. Luca Vanzago
  17. Gabriella Zuccolin


Students delegates

  • Giorgio Matteoli (Cycle 35)
  • Luca Stroppa (Cycle 36)
  • Matilde Liberti (Cycle 37)

SEE the Steering Committee 2017-19