NameEmailResearch interests
Amoretti Cristinacristina.amoretti@unige.itPhilosophy of Mind, Philosophy of medicine and psychiatry, Epistemology, Feminist EpistemoogyUNIGE
Andina Tizianatiziana.andina@unito.itMethaphisics, Philosophy of Art, Social Ontology, AestheticsUNITO
Balistreri Mauriziomaurizio.balistreri@unito.itRoboethics, Bioethics, Normative ethics, Methodological Issues in Ethical and Policy Assessment of New TechnologiesUNITO
Barbero Carolacarola.barbero@unito.itPhenomenology Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Aesthetics, Ontology of Fiction, Meinongian TheoriesUNITO
Benzi Margheritamargherita.benzi@uniupo.itPhilosophy of Science, Argumentation Theory, Probability, Causality, Philosophy of MedicineUPO
Bertinetto Alessandroalessandro.bertinetto@unito.itGerman Idealism, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Music, Creativity, Improvisation, Normativity, Theory of Image, Theory of SubjectivityUNITO
Bertolino Lucaluca.bertolino@unito.itModern Jewish Philosophy (Rosenzweig, Buber); Critical Idealism (Cohen); Philosophical Practice (counseling, P4C, café-philo)UNITO
Bianchi Andreaan.bianchi@libero.itPhilosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics of Modality, Metaphilosophy, History of Analytic PhilosophyParma
Bonino Guidoguido.bonino@unito.itHistory of British Philosophy in XIX Century, Origins of Analytic Philosophy, the philosophy of Russell and WittgensteinUNITO
Borutti Silvanasilvana.borutti@unipv.itEpistemology, Philosophy of Human Sciences, Philosophy of Language, Theories of Imaginatin, Theories of TranslationUNIPV
Bottani Andreaandrea.bottani@unibg.itMetaphysics, Ontology, Philosophy of Language; Persistence and change, Individuation and criteria of identity, Intellectual PropertyBergamo
Camera Francescocamera@nous.unige.itHermeneutis, The philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas and Paul Celan; The philosophy of Kant, Heidegger, GadamerUNIGE
Campodonico Moral Philosophy, Philosophical Anthopology, Virtue Ethics, Natural Law TheoryUNIGE
Carter Ianian.carter@unipv.itNormative Concepts in Contemporary Political Philosophy: Freedom, Egalitarian Justice, Toleration, Respect, Basic equalityUNIPV
Casagrande Carlacarla.casagrande@unipv.itMedieval Ethical Thought; Value systems and models of behaviour; Sin and law in moral theology; History of passionsUNIPV
Casati Robertorcasati@gmail.comAnalytic Metaphysics: Spatial Regions; Sounds. Shadows and related phenomena; Cognitive artifacts. Conceptual negotiationCNRS-Jean Nicod
Celada Robertor.celadaballanti@virgilio.itPhilosopy of Religion; the philosophy of Karl Jaspers; Leibniz and classical PhilosophyUNIGE
Chiurazzi Gaetanogaetano.chiurazzi@unito.itContinental philosophy, Philosophical hermeneutics, The problem of sense and truth, Philosophy of translation, Theory of artUNITO
Cospito Giuseppegiuseppe.cospito@unipv.itItalian Philosophical and Political Thought between XVI and XX centuries: Machiavelli, Vico, Cattaneo and GramsciUNIPV
Crupi Vincenzovincenzo.crupi@unito.itLogic and Philosophy of Science; Formal Epistemology; Judgment and Decision MakingUNITO
Cunico Gerardocunico@nous.unige.itPhilosophy of religion (Kant); Messianism; utopian ontology (Bloch); practical philosophy (Habermas); intercultural dialogueUNIGE
Cuozzo Gianlucagianluca.cuozzo@unito.itHermeneutics; Philosophy of Renaissance; Utopian Thinking; Postmodernism; Ethics and Critical Thinking; EcologyUNITO
Davies Richardrichard.davies@unibg.itCartesian Epistemology, Ontology, Analytic philosophyUniv. Bergamo
Di GIovanni Matteomatteo.digiovanni@unito.itPhilosophy in the Islamic World; Arabic Aristotle and Aristotelianism; Intellectual History of Muslim SpainUNITO
Feloj Serena Aesthetics, German Classical Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Analytic Aesthetics, Phenomenological AestheticsUNIPV
Ferrari of Philosophy: Italian Philsophy; Neokantism, Ernst Cassirer and Marburgo School; Logical EmpiricismUNITO
Ferraris Maurizioferraris.ferraris@gmail.comAesthetics, Hermeneutics, Social ontology, theory of Documentality, New RealismUNITO
Fonnesu Lucaluca.fonnesu@unipv.itGerman Classical Philosophy; Ethics and metaethics; History of ethics; Free Will and ResponsibilityUNIPV
Forti Simonasimona.forti@sp.unipmn.itContemporary Political Philosophy; Totalitarianism; H. Arendt; evil and power; biopolitics and M. FoucaultUPO
Francioni Giannigianni.francioni@unipv.itHistory of Philosophy; History of Enlightment; Italian Enightment: Verri, Beccaria. The Philosophy of GramsciUNIPV
Frascolla Lellofrascolla@libero.itPhilosophy of Language; Semantics; Philosophy of Mathematics; the philosophy of Ludwig WittgensteinUNINA
Frixione Marcellomarcello.frixione@gmail.comThe Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences and Artificial Intelligence; Formal Ontologies and Conceptual RepresentationsUNIGE
Galeotti Elisabetta Annaelisabetta.galeotti@uniupo.itPolitical Philosophy, Toleration, Multiculturalism, Justice and Recognition, Equal Respect, Self-DeceptionUPO
Gastaldi Silviasilvia.gastaldi@unipv.itHistory of Ancient Philosophy: Ethics and Politics in IV Century Greek Philosophy; the philosophy of Plato and AristotleUNIPV
Ghisleri Lucaluca.ghisleri@uniupo.itHermeneutics and Metaphysics (L. Pareyson); Classical German Philosophy (K.W.F. Solger); Philosophy of Religion (I. Mancini)UPO
Giglioni Guido guido.giglioni64@gmail.comHistory of Philosophy, History of Philosophical ModelsUniversitĂ  di Macerata
Guglielminetti Enricoenrico.guglielminetti@unito.itThe philosophy of Luigi Pareyson; Philosophy and TheologyUNITO
Iacona Andreaandrea.iacona@unito.itLogic, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of LanguageUNITO
Invernizzi Giuseppegiuseppe.invernizzi@unipv.itHistory of philosophy; Italian Philosophy in the XIX Century; Kantism and scientific German tradition in XIX century; Shopenhauer UNIPV
Kobau Pietropietro.kobau@gmail.comMataphysics; psychology and epistemology in pre-kantian times; Ontology of Art; theories of PerceptionUNITO
La Rocca Claudioclr@unige.itThe philosophy of Kant, Phenomenology; Hermeneutics; Italian Philosophy in XIX Century, philosophy of MindUNIGE
Langella Simonalangellauni@gmail.comHistory of Philosophy; the philosophy of Francisco de Vitoria; Salamanca School and Jesuitic ThoughtUNIGE
Leghissa Giovannigiovanni.leghissa@unito.itCritical Epistemology of Human Sciences; Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, Intercultural Philosophy, Cultural StudiesUNITO
Lingua Grazianograziano.lingua@unito.itPublic Ethics; Philosophical Anthropology; Philosophy of religion; Theory of images; Russian Philosophy in the XX CenturyUNITO
Lorini Giuseppelorini@unica.itphilosophy of normativity, social ontology, philosophy of deontic logic, legal antropology and legal ethologyCagliari
Magni Filippofilippo.magni@unipv.itEthics and Political Philosophy; Bioethics; Freedom and Relativism; Existentialism and Marxism in XIX Centurt Italian Thought UNIPV
Marconi Diegodiego_marconi@fastwebnet.itPhilosophy of Language; Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences; Lexical SemanticsUNITO
Marsonet Michelemarsonet@nous.unige.itPhilosophy of Science; History of Metaphysics; Philosophical Logic; Methodology of Social Sciences; Political PhilosophyUNIGE
Mauro Letteriomauro@nous.unige.itHistory of Medieval Thought; Bonaventura da Bagnoregio; Western Philosophical Theology; Music in XIII and XVI thoughtUNIGE
Mazzola Robertormazzola961@gmail.comReligious Pluralism and Right of Identity in Democracy; Religious Freedom; Freedom of Thought in the Constitutional SystemUPO
Meini Cristinacristina.meini@uniupo.itPersonal identity; Pathologies of mindreading; Philosophy and cognitive sciences: Emotions, MusicUPO
Menin Marcomarco.menin@unito.itHistory of Ideas and History of Emotions, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, DescartesUNITO
Monti Mariateresamonti@uniupo.itHistory of life sciences. Forms of scientific writing in early modern age. Critical editions of “laboratory” notebooksUPO
Mori Massimomassimo.mori@unito.itHistory of Modern Philosophy; Hermeneutics; Philosophy of HistoryUNITO
Mori Mauriziomaurizio.mori@unito.itEthics and bioethics; ethics and the law; the philosophy of Henry Sidgwick; history of Italian PhilosophyUNITO
Mori Gianlucagianluca.mori@me.comHistory of Philosophy; Atheism in modern times: Darwinism and philosophy; Descartes and cartesian traditionUPO
Ottonelli Valeriavottonel@nous.unige.itPolitical Philosophy; Immigration and Freedom of movement; Normative theories of DemocracyUNIGE
Paganini Gianenricogianenrico.paganini@uniupo.itHistory of Philosophy; Thomas Hobbes and the Scientific RevolutionUPO
Panizza Giorgiogiorgio.panizza@unipv.itHistory of Italian Literture; Italian Enlightemt; History of literature betwee XVII and XIX century; the thought of Giacomo LeopardiUNIPV
Pasini Mirellamirella.pasini@unige.itHistory of Italian Thought in XIX century; Moral Philosophy; Ethics of Communication; Stereotypes and Gender StudiesUNIGE
Paternoster Alfredoalfredo.paternoster@unibg.itPhilosophy o Mind and Language; theoris of concepts; perception and consciousness; cognitive semantics; mental simulationBergamo
Penco Carlocarlopenco.penco@gmail.comPhilosophy of Language, Contextualism: Indexicals, Demonstratives; the Philosophy of Frege and WittgensteinUNIGE
Petrucci Federico Maria federicomaria.petrucci@unito.itPlato, Old Academy, Aristotle’s Ethics, Post-Hellenistic philosophies, History of Ancient Mathematics, Ancient Cosmology and TheologyUNITO
Piazza Tommasotommaso.piazza@unipv.itEpistemology, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Analytic PhenomenologyUNIPV
Poma Andreaandrea.poma@unito.itHermenutica; Bioethics and Applied Ethics; Neokantian philosophy and the philosophy of Herman CohenUNITO
Poma Iolandaiolanda.poma@uniupo.itPhilosophy of History; History and autobiography; Power and deception in the modern subjectivity; Experiences of othernessUPO
Rumore Paolapaola.rumore@unito.itHistory of Modern Philosophy; Logic, psychology, anthopology in German Philosophy (Enlightenment and Idealism); Materialism TO
Savarino Lucaluca.savarino@sp.unipmn.itPhilosophy of Religion; Christian Bioethics; the philosophy of Heidegger; Human Dignity (History and Meaning)UPO
Seidengart Jeanjean.seidengart@sfr.frThe philosophy of Giordano Bruno, Kant and Cassirer. Philosophy and history of sciences, specially: cosmologyParis X Nanterre
Silvestrini Gabriellagabriella.silvestrini@uniupo.itNatural rights theories and the right to punish; The philosophy of J.-J. Rousseau; Natural law theories and academic teachingUPO
Sprenger Janjan.sprenger@unito.itPhilosophy of Science, Scientific Inference, Probability theoryUNITO
Steila Danieladaniela.steila@unito.itHistory and Philosophy of East European Thought; the philosophy of Baruch SpinozaUNITO
Trabattoni Francofranco.trabattoni@unimi.itHistory of Ancient Philosophy; the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle Milano Statale
Tripodi Paolopaoltrip@gmail.comHistory of Philosophy, Methods in historical Research, History of analytic philosophyUNITO
Vaccarezza Maria Silvia ms.vaccarezza@gmail.comAttention and imagination in ethics, virtue ethics’ key topics: phronesis, the unity of the virtues, moral exemplarity
Vanzago Lucaluca.vanzago@unipv.itPhenomenology; Ontological conception of events and relations. A. N. Whitehead, Husserl and Merleau-PontyUNIPV
Vassallo Niclanicla.vassallo@unige.itEpistemology; Logic; Metaphysics; The philosophy of Boole and Frege; psychologism and anti-psychologism; Feminist PhilosophyUNIGE
Vercellone Federicofederico.vercellone@unito.itAesthetics, Theory of ImaginationUNITO
Vignolo Massimilianomassimiliano.vignolo@unige.itPhilosophy of Language; Analytic Metaphysics; Experimental Philosophy
Voltolini Albertoalberto.voltolini@unito.itPhilosophy of Langage and Mind; theories of FictionUNITO
Zanghi Ninonino.zanghi@ge.infn.itPhilosophy of Physics; Foundations of Quantum and Statistical Mechanics; Entanglement and Nonlocality; Relativity TheoryUNIGE
Zuolo Federicofederico.zuolo@unige.itPolitical philosophy: Animal Ethics; Public justification; Respect and Toleration; Pluralism