1. To insert a file or a picture, go in one of the spaces of your web page (after the access through the link <www.finophd.eu/pete> and click on the icons (in yellow below)

2. Then click on the button Browse Server/ (Cerca sul Server) in the window that will appear:

3. Filebrowser will open. You may click on the arrow for upload (in yellow) (or also create a folder)

4. After that you will have a page where you can ADD FILE(S) clicking on the GREEN BUTTON

5. Then, choose the file to upload and

6. click on the BLACK BUTTON: START UPLOAD (you may upload many files with some limitation in size)


7. When finished to upload files, just click on the black button RETURN TO FILE LIST and you will see the files that now belong only to your web page (you can also cancel them obviously). (sorry for the bad rendering; on the left the list of uploaded files; on the right instructions to delete or change names)

8. When you will click on one of your files you will have to click on the GREEN OK BUTTON in the frame below to have your file visible in the partition of your web page where you started.

9. And here we are! you file will appear with the title you gave it on your web page




10. For Pictures: follow the same instructions and be careful not to overcome the following dimension: (max 200-330px in hight o width) e an alignment.