We have special collaborations (de facto or de jure) with a number of Universities and Research Centers, among which:

We have official collaboration links with PhD Programs in nearby Universities in Italy:

  • PhD Program – Universit√† di Milano Statale: Filosofia e Scienze dell’Uomo
  • PhD Program – Universit√† Vita-Salute San Raffaele-Milano: Dottorato di Ricerca in Filosofia
  • PhD Program – Universit√† di Parma: Scienze filosofico-letterarie, storico-filosofiche e artistiche.
  • PhD Program – Political Studies (POLS) Pavia e Genova: Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Studies (NASP)

Co-tutorships have been organized up to now by the University of Turin. From the last part of 2017 onwards, they have been be organised by Genoa University.
Further information can be found on this page.