EPILOG Seminar – Genoa     2013-14 Seminar topic:  “a priori”
The seminar will be focused on the discussion of some chapters from the book by Albert Casullo, Essays on A Priori. Knowledge and Justification. The seminar will take place every Monday from 11am-1/1:30pm in the Graduate Student Room, Philosophy Department, Via Bensa 1.
Seminar schedule: May 5, May 12, May 19, May 26 June 3, June 9, June 16.
For more information about the seminar: You can contact massimiliano.vignolo@unige.it or check the seminar webpage: http://www.dif.unige.it/epilog


FaTO Seminar – Turin
FaTO 2013-14 (Department of Philosophy and Education Science, Aula di Antica, via S. Ottavio 24)
November 14  (3pm-5pm): M. Lubrano – K. Fine: “Ontological Dependence”
November 28 (3pm-5pm): D. Costa – S. Goldberg: “Experts, Semantics and Epistemic”
December 12 (3pm-5pm): N. Bartunek – P.A. Boghossian: “The Rule-Following Considerations”
January 16 (3pm-5pm): F. Calzavarini- M. Dummett: “What is a Theory of Meaning”
January 30 (3pm-5pm): V. Crupi – V. Crupi & V. Girotto: “From is to ought, and back”
February 13 (3pm-5pm): R. Durante – C. Travis: “Pragmatics”
February 27  (3pm-5pm): M. Nascé -S. Blackburn: “The Individual Strikes Back”
March 7 (3pm-5pm): T. Crane (talk) – “No identity without an Entity: on the Sameness and Difference of Non-Existent Objects”
March 20 (3pm-5pm): A. Iacona – A. Iacona, “Logical Form and Syntactic Structure”
April 3  (3pm-5pm): J. CorbĂŹ (talk) – “Self Knowledge, Expression and Authority”
April 10  (11am-1pm): J. Diez (talk)- “Is the Best Scientific Realism that Good?”
May 8 (5pm-7pm): S. Friend (talk)- “Fiction as a Genre”
May 15 (3pm-5pm): M. Morganti (talk)
May 22  (3pm-5pm): V. Tripodi
June 4-5: Workshop  “Images, Pictures and Mind”
For more information about the seminar you can contact carola.barbero@gmail.com


Images, Pictures and Mind – June 4 – 5, 2014
Ex-Graduation Room of the Faculty of Law, via S. Ottavio 20, Turin   University of Turin, Italy
June 4
9 -10.30: R. Casati (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris, France) – Naked, Integrated and Situated models
11-12.30: K. Bantinaki (University of Crete, Greece) Pictorial Experience and Awareness of Pictorial Style
14-15.30: G. Currie (University of York, UK) Two-foldness in Painting and Cinema
15.30-17: P. Spinicci (University of Milan, Italy) Anamorphosis and the Nature of Pictures
17.30-19: C. Calabi (University of Milan, Italy), W. Huemer & M. Santambrogio (University of Parma, Italy) Goodman on Notation and Depiction
June 5
9-10.30: J. Zeimbekis (University of Patras, Greece) Picture Perception and the Cognitive Penetration of Vision
11-12.30: A. Voltolini (University of Turin, Italy) How to Vindicate Two-foldness

For more details contact the organizers Carola Barbero (carola.barbero@gmail.com) and Alberto Voltolini (alberto.voltolini@unito.it)


Course on Classics in the Philosophy of Language (mandatory paper)
Dipartimento di Filosofia e Scienze dell’educazione, Università di Torino
Guido Bonino: Frege & Russell  Aula Guzzo Sept. 15, h 11-13, 14-16; Sept. 16, h 15-18; Sept. 17, h 11-13, 14-16.
Sept. 18,  h 11-13, 14-16 aula di Medievale
Diego Marconi: Wittgenstein; Aula Guzzo: Sept. 19, h 10-13; Sept. 22, h 15-18; Sept. 23, h 15-18; Sept. 24, h 15-18; Sept. 25, h 10-13

Course on Mind and Language (mandatory paper)
Dipartimento di Filosofia e Scienze dell’educazione, Università di Torino
Alfredo Paternoster: Recent Perspectives on the Mind-Body Problem and Some Questions on Consciousness.
Aula di Antica:Oct. 13, h 11-13 e 14-16; Oct. 20, h 11-13 e 14-16.
Alberto Voltolini: The Problem of Depiction. Aula di Antica:  4/11, h 10-13; 19/11, h 11-14; 26/11, h 11-14; 3/12, h 11-14; 10/12, h 11-14.


Language functioning: the philosophical, linguistic, and cognitive perspective;
Analysis of mental processes in the face of neuroscience discoveries and contemporary theories of cognition;
Psychology and epistemology of reasoning; Logic and philosophy of science.
Federico Vercellone, Alberto Voltolini, “Immagini di immagine”, Dec 17 2014, 11-13 Aula Guzzo, via Po 18, I floor
The meeting is specifically addressed to the Ph.D. students of the XXIX cycle belonging to the first and to the fourth curriculum, but every interested people is welcome.

6th February 2015; ex Sala Lauree Giurisprudenza;  Palazzo Nuovo (ground floor), Turin
INFORMATION, SEARCH, and CAUSES: Rational and cognitive approaches
9.15 – 10.15: David LAGNADO (UCL) Causal networks in evidential reasoning
10.15 – 11.00: Jonathan NELSON (MPI Berlin) Late-breaking results on stepwise approaches to sequential search
11.30 – 12.15: Neil BRAMLEY (UCL) Acting informatively: How people learn causal structure through sequences of interventions
14.00 – 15.00: Paul PEDERSEN (MPI Berlin) Dilation, disintegrations, dominance principles, and delayed decisions
15.00 – 15.45: Laura MARTIGNON (Ludwigsburg) Probabilistic information measures in the classroom
15.45 – 16.30: Flavia FILIMON (Humboldt University Berlin) Neural substrates of probabilistic perceptual decisions based on experienced probabilities vs. descriptive statistics
17.00 – 17.45: Björn MEDER (MPI Berlin) Information search and presentation formats
17.45 – 18.30: Vincenzo CRUPI (Turin) Shannon and beyond: Generalized entropies and rational information search

Embodiment, Externalism and Phenomenology Turin February 27, 2015 Aula di Antica Palazzo Nuovo via S. Ottavio 20
2.30 – 4 pm: Åsa Wikforss (University of Stockholm, Sweden) Cognitive Perspective and the Transparency of Mental Content
4 – 5.30 pm: Katalin Farkas (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary) Extended Mind, Embodied Mind
6 – 7.30 pm Elisabetta Sacchi (San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy) Is the Conjunction of Externalism about Content and Internalism about Phenomenal Character Tenable?

Immagini allo specchio Turin Mar 13, 2015 Aula di Antica Palazzo Nuovo Via S. Ottavio 20 2° piano
10.30 – 11.45: Clotilde Calabi (Università di Milano) Marco Santambrogio (Università di Parma) Variazioni di variazioni
11.45-13 Paolo Spinicci (UniversitĂ  di Milano) Riflessioni sulle anamorfosi

From Monday 20 to Friday 24, April 2015, h 11-13 (ten hours) Aula Guzzo, via Po 18, Turin
John Divers (University of Leeds, UK) Necessity After Quine
The course is mandatory for the Ph.D. students of the XXIX cycle. They will also have to write a paper on one of the course’s topic under the supervision of the course’s teacher.

Course on Classics in the philosophy of language
Guido Bonino (UniversitĂ  di Torino), Aula di Medievale, Palazzo Nuovo, via S. Ottavio 20, Turin: – 12/05 2015, h 10-13 & 14-16 – 19/05 2015, h 10-13 & 14-16 – 26/05 2015, h 10-12 & 14-17
Pasquale Frascolla (UniversitĂ  della Basiilicata), Aula Guzzo, via Po 18, Turin – 16/06 2015, h 15-18; – 17/06 2015, h 10-13 & 14-17 – 18/06 2015, h 10-13 & 14-17

The course is mandatory for the Ph.D. students of the XXX cycle. They will also have to write a paper on one of the course’s topics under the supervision of one of teachers.

Ph.D. course on Fiction, Imagination, and Fictional Discourse (Sala Riunioni, via Gaudenzio Ferrari 9, Torino)
Fred Kroon (Auckland) Sept. Friday 11, 11-13, 14-16 Sept. Monday 28, 11-13, 16-18 Oct Thursday 1, 11-13, 14-16
Alberto Voltolini (Turin) Oct Thursday 8, 9-13 Oct Thursday 15, 11-13, 14-16 Oct Thursday 22, 14-18
Alberto Voltolini and Carola Barbero (Turin) Oct Thursday 29, 11-13, 14-16

The course is mandatory for the students of the XXX cycle. At the end of the course, those students will have to write a paper on one of its topics, to be agreed with one of the courses’ teachers.


Visiting Scholar Public Lecture  Aula Guzzo (via Po 18, Turin), Sept. Tuesday 29, 16-18
Fred Kroon (Auckland), “On Fiction and Imagination”

Ph.D. course on Semantics and Philosophical Logic
The course will be about ‘Conditionals: logical form and truth-conditions’ (Iacona) and ‘Artefacts and Artefactual Terms’ (Marconi). Venue: Aula Guzzo, via Po 18, Turin, except the lecture of Sep. 10. Timetables:   Sept. 7, Marconi 11-13, Iacona 15-17 Sept. 10, Marconi 11-13, Iacona 15-17 Sept. 24, Iacona 11-13, Marconi 15-17 Oct 1, Marconi 11-13, Iacona 15-17 Oct 8, Marconi 11-13, Iacona 15-17  Oct. 15, Marconi 11-13, Iacona 15-17 Oct. 22, Marconi 11-13, Iacona 15-17

The course is mandatory for the students of the XXIX cycle. At the end of the course, those students will have to write a paper on one of its topics, to be agreed with one of the courses’ teachers.

International conference BRAIN AND THE LEXICON  September 21-22, 2015
Center for Logic, Language, and Cognition University of Turin Palazzo del Rettorato via Verdi 8, Turin
Monday, SEPTEMBER 21
9.15 – Greetings: Gianmaria AJANI (Rector, Università di Torino), Massimo FERRARI (Director of the Department of Philosophy and Education, Università di Torino), Diego MARCONI (Coordinator of project The role of visual imagery in lexical processing, funded by Compagnia di Sanpaolo).
10.00  Gabriella VIGLIOCCO (University College London) On the representation of abstract concepts and words
11.45 Matthew LAMBON-RALPH (University of Manchester) The roles of anterior temporal regions in semantic cognition: Convergent clinical and neuroscience data
15.00 Friedemann PULVERMÜLLER (Freie Universität Berlin) From concepts to lexical semantics – Is there a benefit?
16.45 Diego MARCONI (UniversitĂ  di Torino) Work on the dual structure of lexical semantic competence
Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 22
9.30 Guido GAINOTTI (UniversitĂ  Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Roma) Is the abstraction capacity due to the amodal format of conceptual representations or to the power of language?
11.15 David KEMMERER (Purdue University, West Lafayette) On the need to distinguish word meanings and nonlinguistic concepts in cognitive neuroscience

Center for Logic, Language, and Cognition (LLC) October 6 – 7, 2015  Sala Lauree, Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere e Culture Moderne, Palazzo Badini, via Verdi 10, Turin
Workshop on Fiction and Intentionality
Oct. 6, afternoon
3.30-5.00pm: Frederick Kroon (University of Auckland) “Brentano’s Reism and the Reality of our Responses to Fiction”
5.30-7.00pm: Anthony Everett (University of Bristol) “Meinongian Palm Trees”
Oct. 7, morning
9.30-11am: Carola Barbero (Università di Torino) “What Does Literature Speak about?”
11.30am-1pm: Gregory Currie (University of York) “Empathy with the Nonexistent”
Oct. 7, afternoon
3-4.30pm:  Alberto Voltolini (Università di Torino) “(Mock) Thinking the Same”
5-6.30pm: Stacie Friend (Birkbeck College, London) “Conditions of Co-Identification”

LLC Seminars, Turin – Meetings (typically on Thurdays, aula di Antica, Dipartimento di Filosofia e Sc. Educazione, Turin, 3pm-5pm)

  • November 6, 2014: Elisa Paganini (UniversitĂ  Milano Statale)  “Che fine hanno fatto gli oggetti vaghi?”
  • November 20, 2014: Andrea Bianchi (University of Parma) “A proposito di un argomento di Paolo Casalegno”
  • December 4, 2014: Claudia Bianchi (UniversitĂ  Vita e Salute S. Raffaele, Milano) “Epiteti derogatori e riappropriazione”
  • December 18, 2014: Massimiliano Vignolo (University of Genoa) “Descrizioni definite e contestualismo”
  • January 22, 2015: Fabian Dorsch (UniversitĂŠ de Fribourg), “Imagination and Depiction”
  • February 5, 2015: Marcello D’Agostino (University of Ferrara), “Analytic inference and the informational meaning of the logical operators”
  • February 6, 2015: Workshop on Information, search, and causes: Rational and cognitive approaches (David LAGNADO (UCL), Neil BRAMLEY (UCL), Jonathan NELSON (MPI Berlin), BjĂśrn MEDER (MPI Berlin), Paul PEDERSEN (MPI Berlin), Laura MARTIGNON (Ludwigsburg), Katya TENTORI (CiMEC Trento), Flavia FILIMON (Humboldt University Berlin))
  • February 27, 2015: Workshop on Externalism and Phenomenology (Katalin Farkas, Central European University Budapest – Elisabetta Sacchi, UniversitĂ  Vita e Salute S. Raffaele, Milano – Åsa Wikforss, University of Stockholm)
  • March 5, 2015: Michel Ghins (UniversitĂŠ catholique de Louvain), “Bas van Fraassen on scientific representation: An assessment”
  • April 9, 2015: John Hyman (Queens College, Oxford), “Action and Integration”
  • April 23, 2015: John Divers (University of Leeds), “An inconvenient modal truth”, Aula Guzzo, via Po 18, Turin
  • May 7, 2015: Paolo Maffezioli (UniversitĂ  di Torino), “Logica e teoria della scienza sociale”, Circolo dei Lettori, Turin
  • May 21, 2015: Daniele Radicioni – Antonio Lieto (University of Turin), “Dual PECCS: A dual process categorization system
    integrated into the ACT-R cognitive architecture”, Circolo dei Lettori, Turin

In the weeks inbetween, reading of T. Williamson, Modal Logic as Metaphysics, OUP 2013.

Seminario EPILOG, Genoa The seminar will alternate reading sessions and talks On Bidimensionalism and Cognitive Aspects in Semantics
typically in via Bensa 1 (ten minutes walk from Genova Principe Railway station) in Aula Dottorandi, from 11am to 1pm

EPILOG seminar

• 6/2/15  (Friday 11-13) Reading group onChalmers 2002: Sense and intension [Carlo Penco]
• 9/2/15  (Monday11-13) Reading group on Chalmers 2006: Twodimensionalism [Massi Vignolo]
• 16/2/15 (Monday11-13) Diego Marconi, discussion Marconi-2005-on-Chalmers
• 23/2/15 (Monday11-13) Reading group on Soames, Reference and Description
• 3/3/15  (Martedì 16,00) Debate on Pieranna Garavaso & Nicla Vassallo’s book on Frege
• 9/3/15  (Monday11-13 ) Reading group on Soames, Reference and Description
• 13/3/15 (Friday 16,30) Achille Varzi & Thomas Sattig, Topics in Analytic Metaphysics
• 23/3/15 (Monday11-13) Reading group on Soames, Reference and Description
• 30/3/15 (Monday11-13) Reading group on Kripke and indexicals
• 14/4/15 (Martedì 10-13) Michael Beaney & Mark Textor, Debate on Frege and indexicals

• 20/4/15 (Monday11-13) Reading group on Recanati and mental files
• 27/4/15 (Monday11-13) Reading group on Kaplan and ways of having in mind


Seminars and Reading Groups

LLC Reading group 2015-2016

Readings: T. Nagel, Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False (OUP, 2012)  Sala Riunioni, v. Gaudenzio Ferrari 9, Turin, 3-5pm  12.11.2015 ; 26.11.2015 ; 10.12.2015  ; 21.01.2016 ; 22.1.

7.2, 3-5pm, Aula Guzzo, via Po 18  G. Rosen “Metaphysical dependence: Grounding and Reduction”
4.2.2016, 18.2.2016, 3-5pm,  Sala Riunioni, v. G. Ferrari 9 K. Fine “Guide to Ground”
3.3.2016 3-5pm, Sala Riunioni, v. G. Ferrari 9 J.L. Austin, Sense and Sensibilia, chaps. 3 and 5
17.3.2016 3-5pm, Sala Riunioni, v. G.Ferrari 9 M.G.F. Martin, “Austin: Sense and Sensibilia Revisited”
31.03.2016 3-5pm, Sala Riunioni, v. G. Ferrari 9 M.G.F. Martin, “The Transparency of Experience”
28.4.2016,3-5pm, Sala Riunioni, v. G. Ferrari 9 H. Vahinger, “The Philosophy of As If”, chaps. XIX-XXV
12.5.2016, 3-5pm, Aula Guzzo, via Po 18 M. Sainsbury, “Fiction and Fictionalism”, chaps. 7-8
26.5.2016, 3-5pm, Aula Guzzo, via Po 18 P. Teller, “Fictions, Fictionalizations, and Truth in Science”

Talks in Torino
Nov 19 2015, Thursday seminar h 15-17 Aula Guzzo via Po 18, Torino: Claudio PIZZI (UniversitĂ  di Siena) “Anche se” e “come se”: due problemi per la logica dei condizionali
December 15 2015, h 15-17 Circolo dei Lettori (Sala Gioco) via Bogino 9, Torino: Gerd GIGERENZER (Max Planck Institut, Berlin) Rationality for mortals: Simple heuristics that make us smart
Jan 14 2016, Thursday seminar h 15-17 Aula Guzzo (via Po 18): Francesco GUALA (University of Milan) Preferences: Neither Behavioral nor Mental
Jan 28 2016, Thursday seminar h 15-17 Aula Guzzo (via Po 18) Luca BONATTI (Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) Early logical reasoning: Behavioral markers of elementary inferences
Feb 25 2016, Thursday seminar h 16-18 Aula Guzzo (via Po 18) Roberto CASATI (Institut Jean Nicod, Parigi) Shadow perception: Breaking a complex code, one bit at a time
Mar 10 2016, h 14-19 Sala Principi d’Acaja, Rectorate (via Verdi 9) Workshop Categorization, language, and inductive learning: Theoretical and experimental perspectives
Mar 24, Thursday seminar h 15-17 Aula Guzzo (via Po 18) Francesco BERTO (ILLC Amsterdam) The logic of imagination
April 12 – 13, Graduation Room, Dipartimento di Lingue (via Verdi 8) Workshop: The Perception of Transparency and the Transparency of Perception
April 15, h 15-17 Aula 3D136, CLE (Lungo Dora Siena 100) Hans-Johann GLOCK (University of Zurich) Animal thinking and concepts
April 21,  h 15-17 Aula Guzzo (via Po 18) Ruth BYRNE (Trinity College, Dublin): How people think about counterfactual possibilities
May 3, 10am-1pm Sala Lauree Blu grande Campus Luigi Einaudi (Lungodora Siena 100, Turin) Una tavola rotonda emozionante – with: Carola BARBERO (Filosofia e scienze dell’Educazione), Cristina BOSCO (Informatica), Ugo MERLONE (Psicologia), Marco TAMIETTO (Psicologia), Viviana PATTI (Informatica), Maurizio TIRASSA (Psicologia), Alberto VOLTOLINI (Filosofia e Scienze dell’Educazione) chairperson: Anna GOY (Informatica)
May 19: 10-12am Aula Quazza, Palazzo Nuovo (via S. Ottavio 20) Robert HOWELL (State University of New York at Albany) Repeatable Works, Indeterminacies, and Object Assumptions
June 8: 11am-1pm Aula Guzzo, via Po 18 Felice Cardone (University of Turin): Logica e calcolo: alcune domande filosofiche

GENOVA Teaching activities 2015-2016
October November 2015: Seminar on Theories of Reference and Experimental Semantics
Genuary-May 2016: Seminar of Natural, Social and Artifical Kinds
April 5-7  2016: Three days seminar with Stephe Neale
June 2016: Graduate Conference on Natural Social and Artifical Kinds

Theories of Reference and Experimental Semantics
Every Monday – 11:00 am / 1:00pm – DAFIST – Philosophical Section – PhD Room – Via Bensa 2 – Genoa (Italy).
In the ordinary use of language speakers use proper names and descriptions to refer to objects and individuals. What are the cognitive processes involved in the identification of the reference of an expression? How is it possible that sometimes speakers correctly understand inaccurate, incorrect or ambiguous descriptions? Is the ability of referring to objects and individuals a basic linguistic competence or is it something that speakers acquire and develop with the linguistic practice?
The seminar, addressed particularly to PhD students and graduate students of psychology and philosophy, aims at facing the problem of reference assignment, a traditional topic of the debate in cognitive psychology and in philosophy of language.
The seminar will be divided in two parts: the first section will be devoted at presenting the main theoretical approaches to the topic under discussion, while in the second part results from the most recent psycholinguistic experimental works will be discussed.
Monday 26 October 2015 – Introduction
Monday 2 November – Machery, E. et al. Semantics, Cross-Cultural Style Cognition, 92, 2004.
Monday 9 – Devitt, M. Experimental Semantics, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol. LXXXII No. 2, March 2011
: 418-435
Monday 16 – James Genone & Tania Lombrozo (2012) Concept possession, experimental semantics, and hybrid theories of reference, Philosophical Psychology, 25:5, 717-742.
Monday 23 – Devitt, M. Testing Theories of Reference
In Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Language
Jussi Haukioja, ed. London: Bloomsbury Academic (2015): 31-63.
Monday 30 – Marti, G. Empirical Data and the Theory of Reference, in Kabasenche,  W.; O’Rourke, M.; Slater, M. (eds.): Topics in Contemporary Philosophy: Reference and Referring. MIT Press: 63-82.
Organizers: Filippo Domaneschi – Massimiliano Vignolo
Info: filippo.domaneschi@unige.it
For updates and seminars and course in Genoa follow the link http://filosofia.dafist.unige.it/?page_id=184

Categorization, Language, and Inductive Learning: Theoretical and Experimental Perspectives
giovedĂŹ 10 marzo 2016 Sala Principi d’Acaja Rectorate, University of Turin via Verdi 8
14.10 – Kim PLUNKETT (University of Oxford) Infant word learning, categorisation, and generalisation
15.10 – Valentina GLIOZZI (Università di Torino) SOM models for infant categorisation and early word learning: Technical details
15.40 – Nicola CANESSA (IUSS Pavia) The application of multimodal neuroimaging to the study of higher cognitive functions
17.10 – Francesco FORONI (SISSA Trieste) Multidisciplinary approach to food perception and categorisation: Roadmap and landmarks
18.10 – Vincenzo CRUPI (Università di Torino) Categorical induction: A view from Bayesian epistemology
18.40 – Workshop ends: Drinks
Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences, University of Turin – April 12-13 2016, Turin
The Perception of Transparency and the Transparency of Perception
Organizers: Carola Barbero (cabarber@unito.it) and Alberto Voltolini (alberto.voltolini@unito.it)
April 12, afternoon
15.00-16.15 Roberto Casati (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris), “Shadows and the ecology of transparency”
16.15-17.30 Clotilde Calabi (State University of Milan), “The Green Slime. David Katz’s world of transparent colours”
17.45-19.00 Michael Newall (University of Kent), “More on pictures that depict pictures, and transparency”
April 13, morning
9.00-10.15, Alberto Voltolini (University of Turin), “Seeing-in is no seeing-through”
10.15-11.30, Giulia Martina (University of Warwick), “By the look of things. Naïve realist accounts of appearances and the transparency of experience”
11.45-13.00, Michael Martin (University College, London), “The Grounds of Transparency: Strawson’s non-philosophical observer”

June 8, 4-6pm Poster Day LLC Graduation Room, Palazzo Badini, via Verdi 10, Turin


Course on Mind and Language  Genoa  April 5-8  2016
Stephen Neale (CUNY)  Seminar on Implicit Reference
more  info at http://filosofia.dafist.unige.it/?p=1464

Course on The Philosophy of Perception Torino: April 11-15 2016
Michael Martin (University College, London) April 11, 5pm-7pm April 12, 11am-1pm April 13, 2pm-4pm April 14, 11am-1pm, 2pm-4pm April 15, 10am-12am  Aula 3 D 1 36, Campus Luigi Einaudi, Lungo Dora Siena 100A, Turin (the first lecture) Aula Guzzo, via Po 18, Turin (all the other lectures)

The course is mandatory for the students of the XXX cycle.

Course on Classics in Philosophy of Language – Sept 13-14, Sala Riunioni, via G. Ferrari 9 Turin, 2-5pm
Guido Bonino & Diego Marconi (Aula di Medievale, Palazzo Nuovo, via S. Ottavio 20, Turin) Thursday 15/9  3-5pm Monday 19/9   3-5pm Wednesday 21/9  3-5pm Friday 23/9  4-7pm  The course in mandatory for curricular students of the XXXI cycle.

Course on Realism in Perception  Alberto Voltolini Aula Guzzo (Turin) Sept. 29, 11am-1pm, 2-4pm Oct. 6, 11am-1pm, 2-3pm Oct. 13, 10-12am, 2-4pm Oct 27, 10am-1pm, 3-5pm (lecture by Matthew Nudds, University of Warwick). The course in mandatory for curricular students of the XXXI cycle.



New Directions in the Study of Mind Project Intentionality, Modality, and Constitution November 10-11, 2016  – Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences, University of Turin, Italy Auditorium Quazza, Palazzo Nuovo, Via S. Ottavio 20, Turin
November 10, morning
9.30 -11.00 am Kevin Mulligan (Universities of Geneva and Lugano, Switzerland): Attitudes, Knowledge & Operations
11.30 am -1.00 pm Michael Martin (University College London, UK and University of California, Berkeley, US): Betwixt Feeling and Thinking: Two-Level Accounts of Experience
November 10, afternoon
2.30 – 4.00 pm Patrick Engisch (University of Fribourg, Switzerland): Intentionality and Conceptual Dependence
4.30 – 6.00 pm Ori Simchen (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada): Semantic Determinacy
6.00 – 7.30 pm Carola Barbero (University of Turin): Are Literary Objects Intentional Objects?
9.30 -11.00 am Johannes Brandl (University of Salzburg, Austria): A Minimalist Defence of the Object-Content Distinction
11.30am – 1.00 pm Alberto Voltolini (University of Turin, Italy): Intentionality as Constitution
Organizers Carola Barbero (cabarber@unito.it) and Alberto Voltolini (alberto.voltolini@unito.it)

Mind the Gap: Brain, Cognition, and Society 13th Annual Conference of the Italian Association for Cognitive Sciences (AISC)
Symposium: “Brain and the Lexicon” 25 November 2016 14.00 – 15.45 Aula Magna del Rettorato UniversitĂ  di Torino via Verdi 8, Torino
Valentina BAMBINI  Beyond the lexicon: Pragmatic mechanisms in the brain
Stefano CAPPA and Eleonora CATRICALÀ  Lexical-semantic disoders in neurodegeneration
Diego MARCONI  Work on the dual structure of lexical semantic competence
Daniele RADICIONI  Visual imageability in lexical processing: A computational account

International workshop  Proof Theory and Modal Logic – Turin, December 2 9.30-18.00 Aula Arturo Graf – Rettorato dell’UniversitĂ  di Torino – via Verdi 8, Torino
9.30 | Sara NEGRI (University of Helsinki) Knowledge and belief: From models to proofs
10.30 | Thomas STUDER (Universität Bern) Proof theory of common knowledge
11.45 | Anna ZAMANSKY (University of Haifa) On paraconsistent logics and their relations to modal logics
14.30 | Heinrich WANSING (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) Disentangling FDE-based paraconsistent modal logics
15.45 | Roman KUZNETS (Technische Universität Wien) Syntactic interpolation: Limits and challanges
17.00 | Reinhard MUSKENS (Tilburg University) Interpolation in 16-valued trilattice logics
For more info, please contact Paolo Maffezioli (paolo.maffezioli@unito.it).

Kevin Mulligan (University of Geneva and Theological Faculty, Lugano, Switzerland): Lectures on Indexicality
January 9-10-11, 2017, 12am-2pm Aula Guzzo, via Po 18, Turin These lectures are mandatory for Ph.D. students of the XXXI cycle.

Conferences and Talks  LLC seminars – Aula Guzzo (via Po, I floor, Turin)

Tuesday October 11  14.30 | Øystein LINNEBO (University of Oslo) Reference and criteria of identity (http://www.llc.unito.it/eventi/seminar-oystein-linnebo)
Thursday October 13  15.00 | Pat LANGLEY (University of Auckland) Computational discovery of scientific models: Guiding search with knowledge and data (http://www.llc.unito.it/eventi/seminar-pat-langley)
Thursday October 27 15.00 | Matthew NUDDS (University of Warwick) Changing Appearances (http://www.llc.unito.it/eventi/seminar-matthew-nudds)
Tuesday November 8 15.00 | Rene’ VAN WOUDENBERG (Vrije Universitaet Amsterdam) The epistemic status of belief in free will
Thursday November 10 – Friday November 11  international workshop INTENTIONALITY, MODALITY, and CONSTITUTION

November 24-26 Annual conference of the Italian ’Association for Cognitive Sciences inclused an invited symposium Brain and the Lexicon: A multidisciplinary perspective organized by Fabrizio CALZAVARINI and Diego MARCONI (http://www.aisc-net.org/home/2016/03/05/aisc-2016-torino/)
LLC Seminar
Thursday December 1 15.00 | Lorenza SAITTA (UniversitĂ  del Piemonte Orientale) Abstraction: A key to perception, reasoning, and learning
Friday December 2 international workshop Modal proof theory (organizzato da Paolo MAFFEZIOLI)
Thursday December 15 Aula di Antica, Palazzo Nuovo, via S. Ottavio 20, Torino 15.00 | Nicoletta ORLANDI (UC Santa Cruz) Bayesian Perception without Representation
12 January 2017 15.00 – 17.00 Antonio LIETO (University of Turin) Levels of representation in cognitive architectures: The role of conceptual spaces
26 January 2017 15.00 – 17.00 Kathleen STOCK (University of Sussex) Acting, pretending, imagining, believing
9 February 2017 Jose DIEZ (University of Barcelona) Possession conditions for non-believed theories
23 February 2017 Paolo LEONARDI (UniversitĂ  di Bologna) Using descriptions
9 March 2017 Wolfgang HUEMER (University of Parma) The cognitive value of the literary work of art
16 March 2017 Pepe MARTINEZ (University of Barcelona) Uses and abuses of four-valued logic

LLC reading group – see the page of the reading group 2017