Ciclo: 32
Curriculum/Indirizzo: Epistemologico
Convenzione: PA-CSP

rinunce rinuncia a fare esame finale (ottobre 2020)
congelamenti 16/07/1019 al 1/11/201 (giunta 11 ottobre 19)9

Tutor: Meini Cristina
Supervisor: Meini Cristina

Email: alessio.bucci@unito.it

Progetto: Altered states of consciousness - A philosophical Investigation

Higher Education:

  • OCTOBER 2016 - ONGOING: PhD in Philosophy @ UNIVERSITY OF TORINO, FINO CONSORTIUM, ITALY. Project title: Altered states of consciousness – a philosophical investigation. Tutor: Prof. Cristina Meini.
  • SEPTEMBER 2012 - APRIL 2014: MSc Philosophy (specialization in Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition) @ UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH, UK. Dissertation: Dreams of a Bayesian Brain: A Predictive Processing Account of Dreaming (classification: distinction). Supervisor: Prof. Andy Clark.
  • SEPTEMBER 2007 - NOVEMBER 2011: Laurea in Filosofia (BA in Philosophy) @ UNIVERSITY OF TORINO, ITALY. Dissertation: Naturalistic views of dreaming (final grade: 110/110). Supervisor: Prof. Alberto Voltolini.

My current research focuses on the definition of altered states of consciousness, from both a philosophical and scientific perspective. I deal with conceptual clarification and analysis of empirical cases. I am particularly interested in the study of dreaming and sleep-related phenomena, drug-induced hallucinatory states, and meditative states. My most recent project focused on an explanation of dreaming within the framework of Predictive Processing. More broadly, I am interested in using the study of altered states as a form of “intuition pump” for rethinking our understanding of consciousness.

Collateral topics I am interested in are the philosophical foundations of cognitive neuroscience, metaphysics of mind and the mind-body relationship, and enactivism. Other interests include philosophy of biology, bioethics (especially issues surrounding human enhancement), post-humanism and comparative philosophy (specifically the concept of mind in Buddhist philosophy).

  • Bucci A. & Grasso M. (2017). Sleep and Dreaming in the Predictive Processing Framework. In T. Metzinger & W. Wiese (Eds.). Philosophy and Predictive Processing: 6. Frankfurt am Main: MIND Group. doi:10.15502/9783958573079