Ciclo: 37
Curriculum/Indirizzo: Etico-Politico
Convenzione: MUR

Tutor: Vaccarezza Maria Silvia
Supervisor: Vaccarezza Maria Silvia


Progetto: A Virtue Ethical approach to Moral Conversion, Transformative Experiences and Instances of Moral Impossibility

Location: Genova, Via Balbi 30



November 2021 – October 2024
University of Piemonte Orientale: FINO PhD Consortium, Ethics and
Politics Curriculum
Project: a virtue ethical approach to moral conversion, transformative experiences and instances of moral impossibility
Supervisor: Prof. Maria Silvia Vaccarezza

September 2017 – March 2020
University of Genoa: MA Philosophical Methodologies
110/110 cum laude
Dissertation title: “Perception and Moral Principles in Particularist and Generalist Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives”
Supervisor: Prof. Maria Silvia Vaccarezza

September 2013 – June 2017
University of Stirling: BA Philosophy
First Class Honours
Dissertation title: “Responsibility in Heidegger’s Being and Time
Supervisor: Prof. Michael Wheeler

January – June 2016
Lingnan University Hong Kong: Exchange Programme
Courses in Chinese Jurisprudence, Buddhist Philosophy and Human Rights

September 2007 – June 2012
Linguistic School Grazia Deledda
Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, German


Conferences and Congresses

UNC Charlotte: “Ethics and Applied Philosophy Graduate Conference”
17/04/2021, online
I presented the paper “Virtue and Continence: Defending their Cognitive Difference” in the Ethics panel, in which I supported recent arguments for the difference in moral outlooks between the virtuous and the continent agent. I had the opportunity to discuss the matter with PhD students from the USA and the UK who are currently working on similar issues.

Jagiellonian University: “Roman Ingarden and Our Times International Congress”
12/04/2021 – 15/04/2021, online
I presented the paper “Virtue and Continence: Defending their Cognitive Difference” in the Current Ethical Issues panel, receiving positive feedback from Jagiellonian University Philosophy staff members.

University of Genoa: “Iris Murdoch, Moral Perception and Virtue Ethics”, PhD Seminar with Niklas Forsberg
28-29/01/2019, DAFIST (UniGe Philosophy Department)
In the context of Prof. Forsberg’s lectures on Iris Murdoch, I presented the paper “Action-guidance in Aristotelian Ethics”, in which I defended McDowell’s account of perception and its epistemic role in virtue ethics.

University of Salzburg: “SoPHIA Conference for Young Analytic Philosophers”
13 – 17/09/2017
I presented the paper on action-guidance in Aristotelian ethics, the abstract of which was published on the 8th issue of SoPHIA Journal.

University of Reading Undergraduate Conference
I presented the paper “Is it possible for society to survive without codified laws? Distinguishing between Natural and Positive law in traditional Chinese philosophy, and the Confucian example”, written during my Exchange period at Lingnan University (HK). The paper was published on the Universiy of Reading Undergraduate Journal Lateràlis.

CEU Budapest Undergraduate Conference in Analytic Philosophy
I presented the paper “Can we ever be justified in interfering with someone’s right to do wrong?” written in the context of my Undergraduate Jurisprudence course at the University of Stirling.


Academic Activities

University of Genoa PhD Reading Group on Moral Perception
January – May 2020, Under the auspices of the Northwestern Italy Consortium for PhD Program in Philosophy (FINO).
We held monthly discussions on current literature on Moral Perception.

University of Stirling MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) Chapter
2015 – 2017, committee member.
We held events on minorities-related issues in philosophy. Our first visiting speaker was Prof. Christine Battersby (University of Warwick).

University of Stirling Philosophy Society
2015 – 2017, President.
We held weekly meetings with Professors and visiting speakers on their research topics.


“Virtue and Continence: Defending their Cognitive Difference”, forthcoming in , July 2022, 2nd issue.