Ciclo: 34
Curriculum/Indirizzo: Epistemologico
Convenzione: CSP

Tutor: Frixione Marcello
Supervisor: Bottani Andrea


Progetto: Mereologie ilomorfiche

Personal skills and competences
> English: Fluent written and spoken
> Experienced use of microsoft word
> Experienced use of google android
> Experienced use of the main browsers
> XXXIV cycle FINO Ph.D students representative
> Member of local organisational committee of “AISC Midterm Conference 2018” (25-27/06/2018)

2015 - 2018
Tutoring for middle and high school students (mainly private math lessons)

2018 - Today
FINO Consortium – University of Genoa
Ph.D student in Philosophy (Mind, Science, and Language curriculum)

> Supervisor: Andrea Clemente Maria Bottani

2016 - 2018
University of Genoa
Second Level Degree in Philosophical Methodologies (Epistemological – Cognitive Curriculum)

> Mentor: Massimiliano Vignolo
> Honours degree
> Right of publication


2013 - 2016
University of Genoa
First Level Degree in Philosophy

> Mentor: Maria Cristina Amoretti
> Honours degree

2008 -2013
High School Diploma (Scientific Studies)
> Final grade of 97/100


- 2018, “La composizione come identità”, in AphEx – Portale italiano di Filosofia analitica. ISSN 2036-9972.



Scientific and Didactic Relation



Name: Giulio Sciacca

University: University of Genoa

Name of Tutor: Marcello Frixione

Cycle: XXIV


Suggested name of the Supervisor (IF different from the tutor)(for 1st  year students):

Andrea Maria Clemente Bottani



(A)  Didactics


  1. List of institutional or curricular courses:
  • Lectures on Classics of Analytic Philosophy (prof. C. Penco, G. Bonino, D. Marconi; curricular course)
  • Rolling Seminars
  • Lectures on Logic (prof. A. Iacona)
  • Lectures on Philosophy of Mind (prof. A. Voltolini; curricular course)


  1. List of working papers written in those occasions:
  • Il concetto di oggetto nel Tractatus
  • Ontological dependence and Hume’s dictum
  • Logic Examination (7+)
  • A revised formulation of Fodor’s Picture Principle


  1. list of other courses you have followed:
  • Graduate level logic course (prof. A. Iacona)
  • 3rd Summer School in Epistemology (prof. J. Brown, E. Sosa, H. Kornblith)



(B) Research and diffusion


  1. List of seminars and conferences you have participated to:
  • University of Genoa: Speech Acts and Fiction, with Manuel Garcia Carpintero & Francois Recanati
  • University of Genoa: EpiLog Lin 20182019
  • University of Milan: Plurals and Mereology, by Salvatore Florio
  • University of Turin: Belief and Imagination in Fiction
  • VitaSalute San Raffaele University: Le parti e il tutto, by Achille Varzi
  • University of Genoa: Animali, persone ed esseri umani, by Christopher Hughes
  • University of Turin: Carnap and the Logical Syntax of Language, by Pierre Wagner
  • University of Genoa: EpiLog Sci 20182019
  • University of Genoa: Metaphysics of Words, with Erman Cappelen & Brian Epstein


  1. List of Talks: /


  1. List of published or submitted papers: /



(C) Project of the dissertation


My current research consists in finding a way to make the intuition of hylomorphism consistent with classical mereology, without sacrificing any of its axioms. In particular, from a metaphysical point of view, mereology would benefit from a non-materialistic (or at least a not-so-materialistic) underlying metaphysics in order to avoid the many criticisms due to its systematic use of Abelardian predicates for de re modal predication. Nevertheless, I find the above versions of hylomorphism unsatisfactory. For example, none of them endorse Unrestricted Composition, and staunch-hearted hylomorphism is inconsistent with the possibility of mereological junk, which is generally considered to be a genuine metaphysical possibility. All in all, since «hylomorphism is on the rise in contemporary metaphysics», my aim is to offer a criticism of current versions of it and to try to develop a hylomorphism fully compatible with classical mereology, revising in this way also its underlying metaphysics.