Ciclo: 34
Curriculum/Indirizzo: Epistemologico
Convenzione: MIUR

congelamenti anno 2020-2021

Tutor: Frixione Marcello
Supervisor: Frixione Marcello



Name: Vita Saitta
University of Genoa
Name of Tutor: Marcello Frixione
Cycle: XXIV

(A)  Didactics 

  1. List of institutional or curricular courses:
    1. Lectures on Classics of Analytic Philosophy (prof. C. Penco, G. Bonino, D.
      Marconi; curricular course); 
    2. Lectures on Philosophy of Mind (prof. A. Voltolini; curricular course)

2) List of other courses you have followed:

  1. Topology, Logic and Learning (A. Baltag, ILLC)
  2. Epistemic Paradoxes and Philosophical Puzzles ( S. Smets, ILLC) 
  3. Logic and Philosophy (B. Assadian, ILLC)
  4. Mathematical Structures in Logic (N. Bezhanishvili, ILLC)
  5. Dynamic Epistemic Logic (A. Baltag, ILLC)
  6. Introduction to Modal Logic (N. Bezhanishvili, ILLC)
  7. Meaning, Reference and Modality (P. J.E. Dekker, ILLC)
  8. Mathematical Proof Methods for Logic (P. M. Hawke, ILLC)

3) List of working papers written on those occasions

  1. Stalnaker on Belief and Knowledge.
  2. The surprise exam, self-reference and the lottery paradox.
  3. Fake News: a dynamic epistemic formalization. 

(B) Research and diffusion

  1. List of seminars and conferences you have participated to:
    1. University of Amsterdam:
      - Logic, Language and Computation (different speakers, September-December 2018);
      - Assertion and Rejection reading group (organized by Luca Incurvati);
      - Introducing Causality in Stit Logic (Ilaria Canavotto, 1st November);
      - Bilateral approaches to meaning (20-22 June 2019);
      - Combined Criteria of Logicality (Sebastian Speitel 27 March 2019).
    2. Turing reading group: Modal Meinongianism and Fiction: The best of three worlds (10 January)
    3. Sophia 2019, Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy 2019 (18-20 September)

2) List of Talks (in some of the above-mentioned conferences) 

 - Sophia 2019, Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy 2019 (18-20 September). Talk: Fake News: a dynamic epistemic formalization.

3) List of published or submitted papers: \

(C) Project of the dissertation

1) Update of the planning of your research program

My current research is focused on the logical formalization of the epistemic status of Rejection. I’m following Incurvati’s intuition of Weak Rejection, trying to formalize it into an epistemic framework, which allows dynamic operators of revision.