Each University of the Consortium  has venues and facilities for students, on which you may ask your tutor, or other students already living in the town you want to live. Other information will be given at the first meetings with students in the first year.

Genoa University

For accommodation: general info – https://www.studenti.unige.it/servizi/alloggi/ –  http://www.peschiere.it/en/   –  http://www.capodifaro.it/en/

Venues for PhD students: you may use the following spaces (all with wifi access):
– PhD room, via Balbi 30, 7th  floor(apartment 23).
– Small PhD room, via Balbi 30, 7th  floor(apartment 24)(with coffee machine and fridge).
– Meeting room,  via Balbi 30, 5th floor (with PhD Students of Philosophy of Law). Wide space for around 20 students
– Studium, via Balbi 30, 3rd floor (ask for access)
Nearby libraries:
– Philosophy Library, (or here) via Balbi 4, 1° piano
– Biblioteca Universitaria, via Balbi 40 (in front of the Railway Station) Open  8.30-19.30 (Saturday 9-12) with a nice reading room (and nice nearby café)
– Human Sciences Library, via Balbi 6
—Social Sciences Library  (time tableopen until 10 p.m.), via Balbi 130r
– Biblioteca Berio (with café inside)

Printing facilities for UNIGE Students: https://www.studenti.unige.it/Unigeprint/


Torino University

For accommodation: https://www.edisu.piemonte.it/en/services/living/halls-residence

Venues for PhD students: you may use the following spaces (all with wifi access)
– Meeting Room for PhD students in Philosophy at Palazzo Nuovo (via S. Ottavio)/in the Library

–Philosophy Library: PALAZZO NUOVO – Via S.Ottavio, 20 – Torino
–Fondazione Luigi Einaudi’s library: Palazzo d’Azeglio.  Via Principe Amedeo 34 – 10123 Torino (supervisor’s letter will give you access to the library’s badge)
–Biblioteca “Arturo Graf”   Via Po, 17 / Via Verdi, 8 – 10124 Torino
–Biblioteca (e aula studio) N. Bobbio  CLE (Campus Luigi Einaudi) Lungo Dora Siena 100 A, 10153 Torino TO
– Fondazione “Luisa Guzzo” – Via Po, 18 – Torino (near Bistrot Turin)