dal 21 Febbraio 2019 al 28 Maggio 2019. , VERCELLI - Dipartimento di Studi Umanisitici, ore 14-18
Categoria: Curriculum Ethics

Seminario dei dottorandi FINO – Curriculum etico-politico, 2018-19 

The meetings will take place at the Department of Humanities (Studi umanistici), UniversitĂ  di Piemonte Orientale, Via Galileo Ferraris 116, Vercelli.

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Thur 21 Feb, 14.00-18.00, Aula Presidenza

Luca Miotto, “Politics Out of Time. Presentism and its Discontents”

Davide Ragnolini, “Hobbes as Theorist of International Anarchy: A Study in his 17th Century Intellectual Context”


Thur 28 Feb, 14.00-18.00, Aula Beretta 1

Laura Santi Amantini, “Conceptualizing Forced Migration Beyond the Open Borders Debate”

Gabriele Tassinari, “Productive Relations between Humans and Non-humans: Fariness and Exploitation”


Wed 13 Mar, 14.00-18.00, Aula Presidenza

Damiano Simoncelli, “A Relational Perspective on Natural Law: Developing Aquinas through MacIntyre”

Simone Ghelli, “An Outstanding Issue. The Modern Reflection of Animality between Materialism and the Death of God”


Thur 28 Mar, 14.00-18.00, Aula Beretta 2 (next to Aula Beretta 1, but access via the floor above)

Luca Timponelli, “Kant’s Engagement with Rousseau”

Francesco Camboni, “The Concept of Solidarity between Philosophy and the Social Sciences”



Tue 14 May, 14.00-18, Aula Presidenza

Nicolò Valenzano, “Anthropological Premises and Social Philosophy in Paulo Freire”

Giacomo Marossi, “Epistemology of Populism”


Tue 28 May, 14.00-18.00, Aula Presidenza

Sylvie Bláhová, “Pluralism and Diversity – For the Sake of Equal Respect”

Ilaria Ferrara, “Aesthetic normativity in Kant”