Ciclo: 35
Curriculum/Indirizzo: Etico-Politico
Convenzione: MIUR

Tutor: Vaccarezza Maria Silvia
Supervisor: Ottonelli Valeria

Email: carline.julie.francis.klijnman@edu.unige.it

Progetto: When Citizens Don’t Know Whom to Believe: Failures in the Testimonial Exchange of Political Information and Its Implications for Epistemic Democracy


Graduate Researcher, University of Genoa. Deceit and Self-Deception: How We Should Address Fake News and Other Cognitive Failures of the Democratic Public, PRIN. Coordinated by Prof. Anna Elisabetta Galeotti 

Research Assistant PEA Soup Blog, Warwick Centre for Ethics, Law & Public Affairs 

Writing Support Tutor, Warwick University 


January 2023 - April 2023. Graduate Teaching Assistant, Warwick University. 'Introduction to Philosophy T2' (BA1), Applied Ethics (BA2)

October 2020 - March 2021. Graduate Teaching Assistant, Warwick University. 'Introduction to Philosophy T1' (BA1), Introduction to Philosophy T2' (BA1)

February 2019 - August 2019. Graduate Intern, Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. 

October 2018 - July 2019. Graduate Research Assistant, Utrecht University. INTEGRITY, EU Horizon 2020 coordinated by Dr. Mariette van den Hoven.

February 2018 - June 2018. Graduate Intern, Ethics Institute. 

February 2018 - April 2018. Graduate Teaching Assistant, Utrecht University. 'Introduction to Practical Ethics' (BA1) 

September 2017 - July 2018 Student Member Education Committee, Utrecht University. MA Applied Ethics 


Workshop (MANCEPT 2022) ‘Misinformation, Expertise and Challenges to Democracy’ - Co-convenor

Deceit and Self-Deception (PRIN) Conference 2021: ‘Public Vices: The individual and collective dimensions of civic and epistemic vices’ - Member Organization Committee

Workshop (MANCEPT 2021) ‘Epistemic Responsibilities of Democratic Citizens’ - Co-convenor

Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy 2021 - Graduate Member Organization Committee

Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy 2020 - Graduate Member Organization Committee


Klijnman, Carline. 2021. “An Epistemic Case for Positive Voting Duties”. Critical Review 33 (1): 74-101.

Klijnman, Carline. 2021. “Echo Chambers, Epistemic Injustice and Anti-Intellectualism.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 10 (6): 36-45.


18/12/2022 René Descartes Lectures 'Taking Responsibility. University of Tilburg. "Fault-no-Fault Responsibility for Implicit Bias: A response to Heather Battaly"

7/9/2022 MANCEPT Workshop in Political Theory. University of Manchester. "Public Credibility Dysfunction and Epistemic Democracy"

19/8/2022 Truth and Politics: A Political Epistemology Conference. Bamberg University. "Deliberative Epistemic Democracy and Public Credibility Dysfunction"

6/7/2022 Brave New World Postgraduate Conference. University of Manchester. "Procedural Epistemic Democracy and Virtue-Based Epistemic Responsibilities"

2/6/2022 PERITIA International Conference 'The Ethics of Trust and Expertise'. American University of Armenia. "Deliberative Epistemic Democracy and Public Credibility Dysfunction"

30/4/2022 Royal Institute of Philosophy Graduate Conference. University of Essex. "Epistemic Injustice and Procedural Democratic Legitimacy"

26/4/2022 PERITIA/ CEPL workshop 'Ethics and Epistemology of Ignorance'. University College Dublin. "Deliberative Epistemic Democracy and Public Credibility Dysfunction"

16/2/2022  Guest lecture “Applied Epistemology” (BA3) University College Dublin.

6/12/2021 Amsterdam Graduate Conference in Political Theory. “Procedural Demands for Political Epistemic Responsibilities”

9/9/2021 MANCEPT Workshop 'Epistemic Responsibilities of Democratic Citizens'. "Procedural Epistemic Responsibilities"

31/8/2021 ECPR General Conference. Panel: New Boundaries of Epistemic Concerns in Deliberative Democracy: What are the Challenges?. "Epistemic Injustice and Expertise in Political Deliberation"

14/04/2021 Conference “Knowledge, Citizenship, Democracy”. Center for Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Groningen. "Epistemic Democracy and Positive Voting Duties"

18/03/2021 PERITIA International Conference 'Trust and Expertise in a Changing Media Landscape'. " 'People Have Had Enough of Experts': Epistemic Injustice And Expertise"

2/02/2021 Geneva Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy. " 'People Have Had Enough of Experts': Epistemic Injustice And Expertise"

14/12/2020 4th Birmingham-Nottingham-Warwick Joint Graduate Conference. "'People Have Had Enough of Experts': Epistemic Injustice And Expertise"

22/09/2020 Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy. “Voting-Ethics and Culpable Ignorance: Epistemic Procedural Obligations of Democratic Citizens” 

19/09/2020 Australasian Postgraduate Philosophy Conference. “Citizens’ Culpability for Unjustified Political Beliefs

24/08/2020 European Congress of Analytic Philosophy.  "Positive Voting Duties for Democratic Citizens: Procedural and Epistemic" Organised by Utrecht University

30/07/2020 Virtual Summer School on Political Epistemology. Citizens’ Culpability for Unjustified Political Beliefs” Organised by ECPR, Keele University, Jagiellonian University Krakow 

27/04/2020 ‘Deceit and Self-Deception’ Internal Workshop. Voting-Ethics and Culpable Ignorance: Epistemic Procedural Obligations of Democratic Citizens”. University of Genoa

15/02/2020 Warwick Graduate Conference in Political and Legal Theory. "Positive Voting Duties for Democratic Citizens: Procedural and Epistemic"

14/02/2020 Geneva Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy.Individual Moral Responsibilityf or Democratic Outcomes

10/12/2019  Guest lecture "Introduction to Applied Ethics" (BA1) University of Genoa


2019 M.A. History (Cum Laude/ with Distinction) 'History of Politics and Society' at Utrecht University

Dissertatrion: How Post-Truth Conditions Influence the Outcome of Media Strategies: A Comparison Between the Trump and Nixon Administrations

Supervisor: Lars Behrish

2018 M.A. Philsophy (Cum Laude/ with Distinction) 'Applied Ethics' at Utrecht University

Dissertation: Voting Ethics & Political Legitimacy : Why Democratic Citizenship Holds Positive Moral Obligations

Supervisors: Joel Anderson, Hanno Sauer

2017 B.A. Humanistic Studies at University of Humanistic Studies

Including two minors at Utrecht University: 'Ethics in Modern Society' and 'Power and Powerlessness of the Market' 

Thesis: Future Ethics and the Capitalist Market: An Inquiry into Intergenerational Distributive Justice

Supervisor: Nicole Immler


My research project analyzes challenges of contemporary public discourse from an applied (social-) epistemology perspective. More specifically, I look at the role of testimony in deliberation, the effects of impaired testimonial exchange on democratic legitimacy, and epistemic responsibilities of democratic citizens. My research interests include voting ethics, democratic legitimacy, epistemic democracy, moral responsibility, social epistemology and epistemic justice.

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