08 Giugno 2022, Genova, 17.00
Categoria: Curriculum Episteme, Curriculum Ethics, Curriculum Theoretic

A Fitting-Attitude Approach to Aesthetic Value?

Uriah Kriegel (Rice University)

June 8, 17.00

Aula Mazzini (Via Balbi 5, Genova)


It is a noteworthy disanalogy between contemporary ethics and aesthetics that the fitting-attitude account of value, so prominent in contemporary ethics, sees comparatively little play in aesthetics. The aim of this paper is to articulate what a systematic fitting-attitude-style framework for understanding aesthetic value might look like. In the bulk of the paper, I sketch possible fitting-attitude-style accounts of three central aesthetic values – the beautiful, the sublime, and the powerful – so that the general form of the framework come through.

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