dal 20 Giugno 2021 al 21 Giugno 2021. , Online Zoom meeting
Categoria: Curriculum Episteme

Workshop on Semantics, Pragmatics and Cognition

CONTEXT: Semantics, Pragmatics, and Cognition



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Experimental Results on Context in Pragmatics

  1. Aldair Díaz-Gómez – Scalar Implicatures and Presupposition of Existence: Strawson-entailment and the Grammatical Theory
  2. Dominik Dziedzic – Truth Conditions, Use Conditions, and Demonstratives: An Experimental Study
  3. Eleonora Marocchini, Filippo Domaneschi,– Understanding Conventionalized Indirect Requests
  4. Zsuzsanna Schnell, Eszter Varga, Ròbert Jàrai – Contextual awareness in pragmatic meaning construction – An experimental study 

Context and the Semantics-Pragmatics Boundary

  1. Victor Carranza -The pragmatics of all-purpose pejoratives
  2. Palle Leth – Lying and Misleading Distinction Belied
  3. Eduardo Pérez-Navarro – No matter who: What makes one a relativist?
  4. Ernesto Perini-Santos – Reframing the debate between contextualism and minimalism

The Role of Context in Natural Language Processing


  1. Tadeusz Ciecierski, Pawel Grabarczyk – Adding context to the Directival Theory of Meaning
  2. Eugenia Kulakova, Stefan Rinner, – The Effect of Focus and Context in the Oswald Example
  3. Salvatore Pistoia Reda, Luca San Mauro – Language, Logicality and Nonclassical Logic
  4. Maciej Tarnowski – Proper Names as Demonstratives


Epistemological and Cognitive Aspects of Context-Dependence

  1. Yves Bouchard – Epistemic Equivocity and Inference
  2. Mark Bowker – Cognitive Context-Sensitivity
  3. Inés Crespo, Andreas Heise, Claudia Picazo – Justification of metaphorical interpretation via contextual coherence with a heterogeneous context and QUD