dal 04 Giugno 2020 al 31 Ottobre 2020.
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10 September 2020: submission of the annual activity report (FINO-REPORT) that needs to specify¬†whether the dissertation is ready to be sent to the evaluators (the relation should be uploaded on the ‚Äúbacheca‚ÄĚ in your FINO web page).


10 September 2020: PhD candidates should send¬†the outline of their dissertation, a relevant chapter to the coordinator of their curriculum, and the annual activity report (FINO-REPORT) (and upload it in the ‚Äúbacheca‚ÄĚ in their FINO web page).

September/October 2020 colloquia to be admitted in the third year.


15 July 2020: Submission of June paper

Discussion of June paper (31 August ‚Äď 1 September). Details will be shortly provided.

10 September: annual activity report submitted to the tutor (and upload on the ‚Äúbacheca‚ÄĚ in their FINO web page). The report needs to include suggestions regarding potential supervisor (if different from 1st year tutor). See the form:¬†FINO-REPORT.