dal 06 Gennaio 2022 al 30 Dicembre 2022. , GENOVA - Seminar room, via Balbi 4 OR ONLINE
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THE SEMINAR IS POSTPONED TO   date to be decided

people wanting to attend the seminar may send an email to massimiliano.vignolo@unige.it and will be posted about the new dates

8 lectures 


Nino Zanghì   (full professor of physics at the University of Genoa).
After receiving his degree in physics with Enrico Beltrametti, Zanghì studied in at the University of Denver (US), with Stanley Gudder and in Germany at the University of Bielefel, where he  obtained his PhD in physics (1986)  with  Detlef Duerr.
He teaches physics at the University of Genoa, and works on foundations of physics with great philosophical sensibility, also collaborating with FINO Doctoral program. For some publications: see < https://www.ge.infn.it/~zanghi/preprints.html>

The Seminar on the physical nature of space and time is intended for philosophers to help them to connect philosophical problems with the current state of scientific research in physics. The seminar will be held on


 Spacetime and physical reality
Are space and time relational?
Time and relativity

 The block universe
Time and quantum mechanics
Space and quantum mechanics
Relativity without relativity
The arrow of time

Main Referene:

Julian Barbour, The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics, Oxford Univ Pr (2001)
further readings:
Tim Maudlin, Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time, Princeton University Press (2012)
Sean Carroll, From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time, E P Dutton (2010)