dal 24 Giugno 2019 al 25 Giugno 2019. , PAVIA - TBA
Categoria: Curriculum Episteme, Curriculum Ethics

2nd  FINO Graduate Conference in Ethics and Epistemology

Contemporary Issues Across Ethics and Epistemology 

Philosophy Section of the Department of Humanities, University of Pavia
June 24-25, 2019


  • Call for papers (deadline: May 10, 2019)

Ethics and epistemology are closely related philosophical disciplines. Both deal with distinctive kinds of values, and both are concerned with the normative assessment of our practical and intellectual agency, and the general principles that govern it. Testimony to this is the fact that the notion of responsibility is studied in both ethics and epistemology, and that deontological notions such as norm, obligation, permission, excuse, and, relatedly, blame and praise, find natural application within both domains. This structural analogy between them has naturally raised the question of how they relate to one another. Moreover, we have come to appreciate that important issues and problems in one discipline can be fruitfully studied and better understood by drawing on resources internal to the other, and by investigating conceptual connections among their domains of inquiry.

This conference brings together graduate students and young scholars working on ethical or epistemological problems with an interest in the possible interaction between both disciplines, or addressing problems that lie at their intersection. Here you can find the program of the first edition of this conference: https://finogc.wixsite.com/pavia2018

Topics of possible relevance include: epistemic and discursive injustice; epistemic and practical agency; the nature of practical knowledge; the ethics of belief, and relatedly the debate between evidentialists, pragmatists and pragmatic encroachers; the justification/excuse distinction; the notion of moral and epistemic responsibility; the relation between epistemic and moral norms/values; approaches based on the notion of moral and intellectual virtues/vices; the distinction between moral and epistemic luck; the notion of akratic action and belief.


  • Keynote speakers

–       Lubomira Raidolska (Kent)

–     Federico Luzzi (Aberdeen)


  • How to submit

Abstracts (approx. 500 words) suitable for blind review should be sent to the following address pavia2019ethicsepistemology@gmail.com by May 10, 2019. Notification of acceptance is due by May 25, 2019.