dal 25 Giugno 2019 al 28 Giugno 2019. , TORINO Sala Riunioni, via Gaudenzio Ferrari 9 & Aula Antica Palazzo Nuovo
Categoria: Curriculum Episteme

LECTURES on the philosophy of mind.

Torino: June 25 and June 27. (Alberto Voltolini: The Philosophy of Perception)
The course will deal with the main approaches as to the metaphysics of perceptual experiences, notably indirect realism, direct realism, and naive realism. During the course, the main arguments in favor of indirect realism – the argument from illusion and the argument form hallucination – will be assessed and criticized.
Book to be read: A.D. Smith, The Problem of Perception, Harvard UP
Recommended handbook: W. Fish, The Philosophy of Perception, Routledge.

Tuesday  25/6, 11-13, 14-17: Sala Riunioni, via Gaudenzio Ferrari 9, TO
Friday 27/6, 11-13. 14-17: Aula Antica, Palazzo Nuovo, via S. Ottavio 20, TO (remark the change of date!)