dal 05 Febbraio 2019 al 26 Marzo 2019.
Categoria: Shared Teaching Activities

Topic: abstract/concrete


Via Balbi 4, 1st Floor, Seminar room (through the Library of Philosophy)

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11.00 Argumentation: Carlo Penco / Introduction -Argument-Sharing terminology
14.00 Alessandro Bertinetto “Musical Works, Abstract Objects and Artistic Creativity”. Readings: J. Dodd, Musical Works as Eternal Types TEXT IN PDF, J. Levinson, Indication, Abstraction and Individuation TEXT IN PDF. S. Predelli, Musical Ontology and the Argument from Creation TEXT IN PDF

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11.00 Argumentation: presentations of students
14.00 Giovanni Leghissa “Genealogical and Deconstructive approaches”. Readings: J. Derrida, “Cogito et Histoire de la folie”, Revue de MĂ©taphysique et de Morale, 1963 (but also in La Scrittura e la differenza, Einaudi Torino 2002) (TEXT in French in Pdf); AND: M. Foucault,  “La follia, l’assenza di opera” e “il mio corpo, questo foglio, questo fuoco”, in Storia della follia nell’etĂ  classica, Rizzoli, Milano 1981, pp. 626-667 (at pages 303-323 from THIS TEXT in Italian. pdf)


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11.00 Argumentation: Cristina Amoretti: Deductive Arguments and Deductive Fallacies
14.00 Tommaso Piazza: “Belief-forming processes, and the type token distinction: the generality problem for Goldman’s process reliabilism”. Readings: A. Goldman, “what is Justified Belief?” (1979)(TEXT in .pdf); R. Conee, R. Feldman, “The generality problem for reliabilism” (1998) [TEXT in pdf]
16.00 Alberto Voltolini: “Two Ways of Being Abstract”. Readings: G. Priest, Towards Non-Being, OUP, pp. 135-7 (NEW! TEXT BY PRIEST);  A. Thomasson, Fiction and Metaphysics, CUP, chapters 2-3  (TEXT in .PDF) (see a  a review of the book)

11.00 Argumentation: Cristina Amoretti: formal Fallacies (see previous pdf)
14.00 Carola Barbero: “Understanding literary tests”. Readings: Barry Smith, “Ingarden: Ontological  Foundation for Literary Theory” (TEXT in .PDF); also: Iser, The Implied Reader, ch.11
16.00 Massimiliano Vignolo: “Abstraction and Hume’s Principle”. Readings: Linnebo: “To be is to be an F” (TEXT in POF) and sections 55-83 of Frege’s Foundation of Arithmetics (TEXT in PDF)

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11.00 Argumentation: Cristina Amoretti: informal fallacies
14.00 Ian Carter: “Ideal Theory and Non-ideal Theory” Reading: Alan Hamlin and Zofia Stemplowska, “Theory, Ideal Theory, and the Theory of Ideals”, Political Studies Review, 2012 (10), pp. 48-62. (TEXT in .PDF)
16.00 Valeria Ottonelli: “The Generalized and the Concrete Other in Moral and Political Reasoning” Reading: Seyla Benhabib, “The Generalized and the Concrete Other: The Kohlberg-Gilligan Controversy and Feminist Theory”, in Situating the Self (Polity Press, 1992) (TEXT IN PDF) 

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11.00 Argumentation: Margherita Benzi: Induction-and-bias
14.00: Maria Silvia Vaccarezza, “Moral Generalism and Particularism in the Neo-Aristotelian Debate” Readings: John McDowell, “Virtue and Reason”, in McDowell, Mind, Value, and Reality (Harvard University Press, 1998). (TEXT IN .PDF) 
16.00: Filippo Magni, “Are There Moral Obligations Towards Abstract Persons?”  Reading: R.M. Hare, “Possible People”, in Hare, Essays on Bioethics (Oxford University Press, 1993). (TEXT IN PDF) 

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11.00Argumentation: Margherita Benzi: probabilistic and inductive arguments
14.00-18.00: Federico Maria Petrucci, “Plato’s Theory of Forms: Separation and Causality”. Readings:  G. Fine,”Separation”, in G. Fine, Plato on Knowledge and Forms, Oxford 2003, 252-300. (TEXT in PDF) + Plato: Phaedo  96a-102a. (for Plato’s suggested translation see TEXT in .pdf)
(or also:  http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/book/lookupname?key=Plato)

26 /3    14.00-18.00   Gabriella Zuccolin: “Abstract and Concrete: Medieval and Renaissance Debates over Philosophy and Medicine”. Readings: Nancy G. Siraisi, The Clock and the Mirror: Girolamo Cardano and Renaissance Medicine, Princeton University Press, 1997 (Part Two, Chapter 3: Theory and Practice, Argument and Experience, pp. 43-69: TEXT in .PDF); se also a text in Italian: Luca M. Bianchi, “Ubi desinit physicus, ibi medicus incipit”, in G. Zuccolin (ed.), Summa doctrina et certa experientia. Studi su medicina e filosofia per Chiara Crisciani, SISMEL – Edizioni del Galluzzo, Firenze, 2017, pp. 5-28. (TEXT in PDF)