List of courses

November 2020- October 2021 (cycle 36)

This is a general framework. Dates and duration may change for organizational reasons. 

     COURSE TOPIC      Place/Time         TEACHER(S)
Argumentation  Online, Dec    C.Amoretti, M.Benzi
Methods in philosophy  Online, Nov    E. Galeotti, G. Leghissa et al.
Academic Skills   Online, Nov    I. Carter, J. Sprenger et al.
Antinomy Teleological Power   Online, Nov-Dec    G. Gava
Theoretical work in progress   Online, Nov-Jan    G. Lingua
Symmetry and Asymmetry    Turin, February    G. Chiurazzi
History of Historiography    Turin, Nov-June    M. Ferrari, P. Rumore
Physical Nature of Space and Time     Genoa, Nov-Dec    N. Zanghì
Logic    Pavia, 2021    A. Iacona
Classics in Analytic Philosophy    Pavia, 2021    G. Bonino, D. Marconi, C. Penco
Mind & Epistemology    Pavia, TBA    A. Voltolini, T. Piazza
Epistemology work in progress    Pavia,  2021    T. Piazza
Advanced Logic    Turin, Jan-Feb   S. Bonzio
Ethics & Epistemology    Pavia, 2021    A. Tanesini, M.S. Vaccarezza
Kant Fact of Reason    Pavia, 2021    J. Timmermann, L. Fonnesu
Political Realism    Genoa, 2021    C. Burelli, E. Rossi
Ethics & Politics work in progress    Online, Feb-May 2021    C. Fumagalli, V. Ottonelli
Topics in Philosophy of Language    Genoa, 2021    K. Korta
Aristotle Reading Seminar   Online, Jan-July    S. Fazzo, M. Ghione
Editing and Rethinking Aristotle   Online, Jan-July    S. Fazzo, M. Ghione
Workshop: Perspective in Platonism    Turin, May 2021    F. Petrucci, G. De Cesaris et al.
History of Philosophy work in progress    Turin, 2021    TBA
Philosophy and Religion    Turin, 2021    E. Guglielminetti
Aesthetics and Political Theology    Turin, 2021    F. Vercellone, A. Bertinetto
Philosophy of Nature ¬† ¬†Turin, 2021 ¬† ¬†G. Cuozzo, A. Dall’Igna
Graduate Conferences    June-October 2021   check on list of GC


Mandatory teaching: format

Minimum requirements. Some curricula may ask for more. See also general teaching regulation §10.

_____________________________________________ ________
I YEAR     
      Common core for all PhD Students 30 Credits
      Curricular teaching 30 credits
_ _
II YEAR     
      Participation to International Conferences 20 credits
      Curricular teaching or teaching abroad 30 credits
      Mandatory Exam for the passage to 3rd Year 10 credits
_ _
     Seminars, Graduate Conferences and coordination with tutors 30 credits
     Thesis Defence 30 credits