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Since its foundation, FINO has placed considerable emphasis on teaching activities appropriate to doctoral studies. These comprise activities shared by all students in the doctoral program, and activities organized separately by the four different curricula. The objective of the shared teaching activity is to promote interaction among students and teachers of all the curricula, enhancing possible contamination among different sectors and methods in philosophy. These activities are principally located in the first year of the program. They include (2019-2020):

‚Äď 1.¬† Arguments and Methods in Philosophy
‚Äď 2: ¬†Skills: a seminar on skills like Academic English and organization of Research (and Grants)
‚Äď 3: Seminar of PhD students

 Cycle 35: Mandatory Teaching (1 and 2) will be held  each Monday since November 18  in Genoa
the seminar (3) depending on the previous lessons will be in Genoa on June 15-16.

See details of Common Core PROGRAM 2019-20


REMARK: We have formal and informal agreements for sharing teaching activities with nearby Universities (Milan, Pavia/IUSS, Pisa).
You can see some of them here:
Pavia/IUSS: http://www.iusspavia.it/attivita-didattica2
Milano State University:


PhD students are invited to participate in different activities in different curricula (you are not obliged to stay only inside your curriculum).
For teaching activities in different curricula see: 1-epistemology, 2-ethics&politics, 3-history of philosophy, 4-theoretical philosophy.
Curricular teaching activities are coordinated by:
Tommaso Piazza (Pavia; curriculum 1. Mind, Science, and Language): tommaso.piazza@unipv.it
Valeria Ottonelli (Genoa; curriulcum 2. Ethics and Political Philosophy): vottonel@nous.unige.it
Paola Rumore (Turin; curriculum 3. History of Philosophy and History of Science): paola.rumore@unito.it
Graziano Lingua (Turin; curriculum 4. Hermeneutics, Aesthetics, and Phenomenology): graziano.lingua@unito.it

[For previously shared activities see  2013-2016 Archive,  2017 SCHEDULE, 2018 SCHEDULE, 2019 SCHEDULE]

18/11/2019 - 16/06/2020. Common Core Teaching 2019/2020  
16/07/2019. Laboratori di Europrogettazione  
NOVARA - Aula Magna ‚Äď via Solaroli 17
19/06/2019. Laboratori di Europrogettazione  
NOVARA - Aula Magna ‚Äď via Solaroli 17
05/02/2019 - 26/03/2019. Rolling Seminar 2019  
10/10/2018. Elsevier on campus: how to publish in high impact journals  
GENOVA Villa Cambiato, via Montallegro
02/02/2018 - 05/04/2018. Rolling Seminar & Argumentation 2018  
Genoa, via Balbi 40 (Biblioteca Universitaria, in front of Railway Station)
27/10/2017. PhD students: a Bridge between Science and Society  
GENOVA: Department of Chemistry. Aula Magna
05/10/2017. Occupabilit√† PhD e posizioni Post-Doc  
Torino, Cavallerizza Reale, Aula Magna, ore 9.45 e 14.15
11/04/2017 - 11/09/2017. Preparing your next Professional Step  
Torino: Sala Multifunzione Cavallerizza Reale, via Verdi 9 ore 9.15-18.00