14 Scholarships in Philosophy + 4 places without scholarship


ATTENZIONE! Vincitori di posti con borsa: iscrizioni dal 2 al 9 settembre 2019.

Coloro che risultano in posizione utile in graduatoria dovranno controllare i successivi scorrimenti a seguito di eventuali rinunce e procedere all’iscrizione nei termini indicati (si veda art. 8 del bando di ammissione).

Final lists Philosophy ATTENTION! Candidates who have been assigned a grant: enrolments from 2 to 9 september 2019. 

Candidates successfully positioned in the final list for a place shall check the remaining places according to the publications on the website and proceed with the enrolment as indicated (see art. 8 of the Public Call).


Total Scores

The total scores, obtained by summing the two scores for the written application and the interview, are as follows:

The official announcement of the results will be made by the University on 9 August 2019.


                INTERVIEW RESULTS  (click here for the .pdf)




       SHORTLIST (CLICK HERE for the .pdf )


bando_FINO_35-ciclo *** allegato_A/FINO

2019-Application  **Annex A/FINO

The FINO PhD program permits students to participate in different research programs in different areas of philosophy.
PhD Students are expected to specialize in one of the following four areas: 1) Mind, Language and Science; 2) Ethics and Political Philosophy; 3) History of philosophical and scientific thought; 4) Aesthetics, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology. One of the scholarships will be reserved for the best project concerning philosophy and the impact of new media.

There is NO Italian language requirement: lectures and seminars are mostly taught in English and all term papers and theses can be written in English.

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Each year there is a call for PhD positions (with at least 12 scholarships ).
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